Human Resources Services

Employee Policy Manuals

Employee policy manuals keep businesses protected from litigation. The number of policies in a manual varies depending on the size of the company and which optional policies the employer wishes to include. Bruce Tyler creates new manuals for companies and revises existing manuals. Employee policy manuals include state and federal work rules, benefits, and employment subjects such as employer rights. With written policies and proper forms, you will be protected when the time comes.

Hiring Process

The hiring process can scare many employers, but you need good employees to operate your business. Bruce will reduce your stress and show you how to find qualified candidates. This process includes job descriptions, developing postings, screening and interviewing, processing background checks, reference checks, and offering a position. He will help you understand the laws and how to use proper, legal questions that can be asked during the interview process.

Discipline or Termination

If you have any questions regarding the discipline or termination of an employee, contact Bruce and his advice will guide you through the process, keeping you out of litigation. This advice is free after the initial cost of an employee policy manual.

Retention of Employees

Bruce is an expert on the retention of employees and will work with you to ensure that your best employees stay rather than look for greener fields. As a change agent to make company culture more caring and responsive to employees, he will remove barriers of processes by proactive education of managers. It’s less expensive to keep an existing employee than train a new employee.

Management Supervisor Training

To be a skilled supervisor, it takes time and know-how. Bruce offers training to companies that want effective and efficient supervisors.