Save Money with an Employee Policy Manual

Years ago I spoke with an unemployment judge who told me the following story…

The judge had just heard an unemployment case between an employer and a former employee who was fired because of 68 absences in a 10 month period. It sounds like it would have been a gross attendance problem and that the employer should have won the unemployment case.

That’s not what happened!

The former employee WON the case and received unemployment charged to the employer. To make a bad case worse, the employers’ unemployment experience rating went up and affected their unemployment rate for the next 3 years.

How did the employer lose such an easy case? The employee was warned dozen of times and told not to be absent, but there was nothing in writing to prove it.

An employee policy manual can protect you from absentee or otherwise delinquent employees. As a Human Resources consultant and owner of Home Run Human Resources, Inc., I write employee policy manuals for companies and give direction of how to implement it so you are covered in any situation. Use the link to fill out the contact form if you are interested in having a new manual written or want changes to your existing manual.