Protect Your Business from Changing Laws

As a small business owner, your job is to provide a service or make a product and sell it to customers. Your job is NOT to be a Human Resource expert; yet, state and federal laws expect you to be a Human Resource expert along with all the other hats you wear as the owner.

Did you know that if you have 1-14 employees, there are 12 Human Resource policies you MUST have to protect your business? At 15 employees, there are 4 more Human Resources policies required; at 20 employees, four more, and at 21 employees, one more. The pattern continues with increased growth, and the dam bursts at 50 employees.

If you offer any kind of benefits to employees, you need more policies and they need to all be in writing.

There are many pieces to the HR (Human Resource) puzzle. An HR consultant can bring solutions to all of them!

With State and Federal Laws changing, it’s good to have a Human Resources expert available to notify you of changes and update policies as necessary. Many Human Resources consultants offer retainers to notify clients as laws change that can affect their businesses. As a Human Resources consultant, I stay up to date on all changing laws that affect your business. Contact me today using the contact form or call 763-263-2655 to request a free consultation.